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Coding for Teens

02 Dec 2022, 04 GMT+10

Computer science, the study of computers, is an extremely useful field of study. The study of computer programming provides many opportunities for hobbies, academic interests, vocations, and more, ranging from video games to websites to robotics.

The importance of computer science and coding is quite evident, but which coding courses should a student enrol in? It can certainly feel like a daunting task. Today, we will introduce you to the world of coding and discuss the top coding classes for teenagers.

Ready? Let's go!

Why Attend Coding Classes?
Whether you're interested in mobile apps, robotics, or video games like Minecraft, coding experience can help you grasp how everything works. It is also an excellent approach to enhancing STEAM education and preparing for future hobbies and careers.

Knowing how to code enables you to implement it in various real-world applications. Teens can significantly improve their problem-solving and creative abilities through web design and video games influenced by the likes of Roblox.

Simply put, the job options for people who learn to code now are limitless. From software developers to robotics specialists, young coders have a bright future.

Software application developer, computer programmer, machine learning specialist, computer systems engineer, web developer, and database administrator are the most prevalent occupations in coding.

In addition to these more obvious occupations, programming offers a multitude of creative and artistic alternatives. Included among these are game design, digital art, and much more!

Soft Skills Development
In addition to the technical ability to create various apps, games, and websites, learning to code also helps to acquire extremely important soft skills!

Communication Skills Syntax, or the rules that define the structure of a programming language, provides a substantial return.

In addition to learning how to use it to create programmes, it improves writing skills. This is accomplished via organising knowledge and enhancing the capacity to deliver excellent stories!

The popular perception is that coding is extremely complex. It is far more than that!

Teenagers can express their creativity through coding. Numerous routes exist, from Android apps to video games to artificial intelligence. Programming can be an artistic endeavour!

Programming helps develop patience, which is a virtue.

It is uncommon to succeed on the first or tenth attempt. By realising that you can solve any coding problem, if you take your time and try multiple techniques, you will eventually be able to do it. This can be a gratifying and rewarding experience!

Problem Solving
To code, you must be able to solve complex issues and devise efficient solutions.

Programming relies heavily on critical thinking, and offering younger children and teenagers the opportunity to practise these vital abilities can convert to success in their lives!

Last but not least, there is collaboration as a soft talent.

You may envisage the majority of programmers working alone at a computer. However, a team is required to complete a coding project. Teamwork has several advantages: creativity, mistake-checking, constructive feedback, and support!

Experience Levels
Before discussing specific computer applications, let's examine the three primary learning stages. Matic Academy offers three levels of individualised programming classes.

So, you (or a student) wish to gain experience? Matic Academy has got your back!

Scratch, which will be discussed in greater detail below, is an excellent starting place. It eliminates complex text-based code, so anyone aged eight or older may pick it up quickly. Passionate about robotics? There is an educational opportunity for you today!

Once a child has mastered the foundations, it is time to advance their skill sets!

Python and robotics are two of the best programmes to learn at the intermediate level, as they allow you to develop your creative and analytical skills. These intermediate classes are designed for students aged 11 to 18.

Already have a solid background in Scratch, JavaScript, robotics, or all three? Awesome!

Matic Academy offers courses for pre-teens and adolescents (ages 14 to 18) that help them advance to the next level. Whether you want to understand algorithms or machine learning, our friendly and knowledgeable professors can assist you!

Top Programming Languages for Teenagers
Now, let's answer the main question: what are the greatest introductory coding programmes for adolescents (and younger children)?

Looking for one of the most effective programming languages for novices of any age?

Regarding text-based programming languages, Python is frequently the first language we recommend to novices! Why is it among the greatest options? Compared to related languages like C++ and Java, the syntax is easy to master.

Are you new to Python? Here are a few useful resources:

Why Python Is Employed (real-world uses and industries)

Python Coding Fundamentals for Children (11+)

Python Zoom Virtual Background (beginner level)

The second item on our list is C++!

C++ is an excellent choice for programmers of all ages pursuing a general-purpose programming language. Versatility is one of the language's greatest assets. From games to operating systems, C++ is a universal language.

HTML is a markup language. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

Tags and text are used to format the structure of a web page. CSS knowledge is beneficial for web development and design. HTML's elements are simply understandable, making it an ideal first language for children and adolescents.


CSS works in conjunction with HTML to make websites functional.

This programming language can be explained metaphorically. If HTML represents the body, CSS represents the clothing and accessories. In other words, it helps determine a website's aesthetic. We recommend mastering HTML first so that CSS will be easier to comprehend.

Technically speaking, CSS is a markup language and not a programming language.

Java, like C++ and Python, is one of the primary text-based programming languages.

Java, a general-purpose programming language, is on nearly every device worldwide. This is because it provides development tools suitable for mobile operating systems. Therefore, it is ubiquitous in the development of Android applications and games.

JavaScript works alongside HTML and CSS to bring the web to life.

JavaScript (JS) is used for several purposes, such as mobile applications, web pages, and online games, and is supported by practically every browser on the planet. This language improves the overall user experience and engagement.


MIT's Scratch programming language is a fun and educational way to learn to code!

As a high-level visual language, it is simple for programmers of all ages to learn. Programming has never been more accessible, and with languages such as Scratch (as well as Python and JavaScript), young programmer has many useful tools at their disposal!

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