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HTML for Kids

02 Dec 2022, 05:14 GMT+10

Did you realise that you witness HTML in action every time you visit a website? It is the programming language used to construct the majority of online pages!

In addition to Javascript and CSS, learning HTML enables prospective programmers to design their websites. And because it is entertaining and simple to learn, children of all ages can soon become proficient.

Today, we will examine what HTML is and how to interest children in it. Also, you will learn how to create your first HTML page. Are you eager to learn HTML?

Let's go!

What is HTML exactly?
HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is a markup language. This language consists of tags and text that aid in formatting the structure of a website. HTML is a good starting point for a beginner's coding career due to its easily readable elements.

HTML, the standard markup language for websites, is extremely accessible. A rookie programmer's confidence can be boosted by learning the fundamentals while gaining significant coding experience. HTML5 is the fifth version of the markup language used to arrange and present an unlimited array of material on the World Wide Web. Mozilla Firefox, an open-source web browser, provides a useful HTML resource.

HTML expertise can significantly enhance your site design and development skills. From web browsers to WordPress, HTML code enables the internet to function and simplifies the coding process for young programmers!

What exactly is CSS?
If you are familiar with HTML, you are likely familiar with CSS. What is it precisely?

HTML and CSS collaborate to develop webpages. Consider HTML to be the body and CSS to be the clothing, hairstyle, and accessories. HTML helps define the structure and content of web pages, whereas CSS helps define their style.

HTML is simple to master (and has clean syntax, which is the rules of the language). CSS, on the other hand, can be more difficult and messy. Refer to how to code your website for a guide to combining HTML and CSS.

After mastering the fundamentals of HTML, learning CSS becomes easy. The greatest method to enhance your coding skills is through excellent instruction and practice!

Main HTML Tags
Okay, so we've established that HTML utilises tags and text. There are five key tags:

: This is a tag for a paragraph. This is the most often used HTML tag. It is used to separate text chunks (also known as paragraphs).

: This is a link or anchor tag. Usually, it serves as a link to an image or text. HTML then displays a text link or a picture on a website.

: This tag is powerful or bold. It is utilised to emphasise text. When text is inserted within this tag, it appears in bold on the page.

: This tag is for italics. It is used to emphasise particular text. This is the correct tag when you wish to accentuate or contrast anything.

Tags. The title must contain text. It is displayed on the tab or title bar of a web page.

Step 2

Next, we'll present the

heading tag. In this example, our H1 header will be "Hello, World!" This will be shown on the website as larger, bolder lettering.

Step 3 

We can now begin our paragraph.

Place "Thank you for following along with this tutorial. You now know how to make a basic HTML page. Congratulations!" between the



Is everything ready? It is now time to execute the code! You can see an example of the output after entering the code and executing it in the image above.

Save your work with the.html or.htm extension once more. Thus, you can open it in your preferred web browser!

Now Continue to Learn
HTML is the foundation of the internet, and young developers can acquire abilities that will catapult them into the future with the appropriate supervision. At Matic Academy, we offer customised 1-to-1 classes to give each student precisely what they need to achieve!

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