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Teach Your Kids Coding and Robotics

28 Dec 2022, 03:07 GMT+10

Kids & Robotics for your children
Do you want your children to instruct their children in coding and robotics? Do you want them to change and stay ahead of the competition? Not sure where to start? Entrust it to us!

Keeping up with the evolution

We are on the cusp of a great technological revolution, and it's no secret that the world is changing. With digital titans like Mark Zuckerberg working on the Metaverse, Elon Musk pursuing interstellar travel, and Web3 on the horizon, the jobs of the future will inevitably alter. You may question how you can prepare your children for these significant changes. However, we have a solution for you.

Introducing your children to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)-based learning at a young age is highly recommended. This strategy produces competent problem-solvers and cultivates the creative attitude necessary for tackling the innovative, unanticipated problems of the future.

To design a robot, it is no longer necessary to grasp lines of code or complicated electronics. It has been simplified to a simple level! Due to the well-designed enjoyable activities, it will feel like an amazing adventure or an ed-venture. Do you intend to teach your children coding and robotics? Not sure how your children should begin this journey where STEAM is not mainstream? Again, let us handle it!

Presenting Matic Academy!
Matic Academy's mission is to encourage STEAM education among younger generations to improve their future. Parents and teachers are overjoyed when they observe pupils actively enhancing their abilities. At the same time, the children feel a sense of accomplishment after accomplishing each thrilling task. Certified STEAM instructors have the privilege of training hundreds of adolescents to become scientists. We instruct them to program a robot to navigate a maze, wire a circuit for a solar home and create a software application.

Parents have observed their children get practical experience with electronics and programming. In exchange, individuals receive a tremendous confidence boost in their talents. Having finally deciphered the alien coding syntax or gotten that electronic component to function gives them a fresh perspective on what they can become. Solving an issue is exhilarating because it seems like the lightbulb in your head has finally gone off. This is precisely what the intended curriculum gives consistently: multiple difficulties and ample growth chances. And this is precisely why students never become bored and enjoy returning for more.

Every parent's goal is to see their children advance through the ranks of technology, and Matic Academy provides this opportunity. For years, several elementary school pupils have participated in Matic Academy programs. Consequently, we are now more qualified than university students.

Get Started
Matic Academy has you covered if you are a parent looking for a robotics camp or any other fascinating camp. With over 15+ domains to pick from, your children are certain to discover what they wish to become as adults. Matic Academy provides technology classes and a glimpse into the children's potential future.

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